1:1 Coaching

I primarily work with female leaders and business owners and I am dedicated to helping people make the most of their potential. I do not empower women - I help them connect to the power that is already there.

My clients come to me to get clarity and create lasting change in their lives. I help them find ways of working that eliminate stress and avoid burnout, reconnect to their passion, set boundaries and build confidence and resilience.

Putting you at the centre is key and I use a range of transformational tools in my work. By shifting limitations, changing habits and creating a plan, I can help you remove stress, avoid burnout and move forward.

Everything begins with finding out where you are now, what you really want and what is stopping you from getting there. I create a safe space for you to address what you need and what you can let go. There are lots of questions asked! You will leave with clarity, deep understanding and a plan that you can put into place immediately.
I work holistically, helping you to create the life you want to lead.

I offer plenty of motivation and support for you to achieve success without burning out.

I am always happy to teach tools to clients and build their toolkits to self-empower, develop resilience and manage state - all which help you to grow, move from a state of overwhelm, get energised and work from a place of calm and strength.

Work with me 1:1

C.L.A.R.I.T.Y Programme - Intensive (6 weeks)

We will take the first step in the journey and go deep into who you are and what you want. We will look at your strengths, values, how you make decisions and habits and behaviours. We will remove any stories that are blocking your path. We will go into the future and then create a step by step actionable plan that will support your journey.

C.L.A.R.I.T.Y Programme - The Journey (4-month programme)

The Journey is a four-month, five-module program that uses transformational techniques, coaching and training to move you from a place of stress and overwhelm to a place of calm, focus, energy and abundance.

We place you at the centre and work together to create your life on your terms. It starts with working on your inner journey enabling you to have a deep understanding of who you are and what you want. What truly inspires, engages and energises you and what you really want in your future. Together we will look at any blocks, habits and outcomes that are stopping you from achieving your dreams and causing you to feel stressed.

Over four months we will go deep, starting with giving you Clarity, moving on to Empowerment – Queendom which is where you will learn tools for success, we'll get to grips with what's happening with your Money story and change the script. Together we will build a Self-care plan to help you create a life that supports and does not drain you. Lastly, we will Reflect and celebrate your journey and celebrate the changes that have happened along the way.

You will be given solutions to help you move forward which can include audios, video and templates.

C.L.A.R.I.T.Y Programme - Transcendence (12-month programme)

This programme contains all the elements of The Journey and includes Performance Coaching sessions and additional support.  This is aimed at business owners. 

Spectrum Performance Coaching™ offers a range of specific tools for assisting recipients to achieve more by addressing the underpinning emotions and beliefs that hinder personal performance. Spectrum Performance Coaching™ facilitates all learning styles and is a safe, effective and efficient process in its application providing powerful resources for creating a positive future.

Performance coaching is a brilliant tool to help those who are ready to move their business or life forward but find that their progress is hindered in some way. If you find yourself having doubts, fears or repeating the same mistakes, I would recommend a performance coaching session. The same techniques can be used in sport and other areas of your life! The session involves helping you to shift limiting beliefs and creating a structured plan to help you to succeed. The tool helps you have better awareness, improves your mindset and will transform the way you achieve your goal.

Michelle Raymond HR Consultant and Visibility Strategist

Bring about real change

Yvette is a consummate professional and leader in the coaching space. Her methodology and authentic character are two prevailing aspects that get you past the line. I have used her services and have therefore benefited from her expertise. I have also recommended her work to others. If you are looking for a coach that does more than ask questions but is brave enough to dig deep to find out what really is going on in your life to bring about real change, then Yvette Ankrah is the transformational coach you need

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Yvette Ankrah – Transformational Coach