Dr Yvette Ankrah MBE
Helping high achieving corporate and business women eliminate stress & avoid burnout using my CLARITY method

Are you a female dynamo who has so much to do but is stressed and constantly juggling? 

You want calm, balance, financial freedom, flexibility however:
You’re tired and unmotivated
You’re stressed and overwhelmed
You have no concrete plans in place
Each day feels further away from your dream than closer to it.
I know that feeling!
I'm Dr Yvette Ankrah MBE, I’m a recovering overachiever, a transformational coach, speaker and business consultant. Over the past decade, I've helped dynamic women achieve calm, clarity and financial success by helping them connect to what they really want and create a plan to get it!
I'm passionate about ensuring women have the optimum environment, tools and skills to thrive. I believe that this starts from the inside and working in a way that eliminates overwhelm, stress and burnout.
Having experienced stress and burnout I know what it’s like and am passionate about helping other women avoid the long-term illness I faced. I’ve gone from the 9-5 to working for myself and I’ve been where I’ve felt unfulfilled and worked 12-hour days!
My belief is that we do not need to live in a constant state of stress, anxiety and overwhelm to be successful. We can pursue our passions and help others in the world.
Putting you at the centre is key and I help by shifting limitations, facilitating changing habits and creating a plan to transform you life

By the end, you will leave with clarity, deep understanding and a step-by-step plan that you can put into place immediately.

The CLARITY Method

My clients come to me to get clarity and create lasting change in their lives.
I use a range of techniques including Neuro Linguistic Programming, and Spectrum Performance Coaching to get results.
Your ultimate success begins with finding out where you are now, what you really want and what is stopping you from getting there. I create a safe space for you to address what you need and what you can let go.
We can work together 1-2-1, on a group programme or access my online only programme. Are you a company? Have a look at my corporate services.

What they say...

Sandra Boachie // Actor/Project Manager

I have had the most life-changing performance coaching session with Yvette! For a number of years, I had been toying with the idea of working with a life coach to help me with a few shifts. I have read and listened to a ton of books, and attended group sessions in the past, but realised that I had reached a point where I knew I needed 1-2-1 sessions to make the much-needed breakthroughs without distraction or judgments. 
I chose to work with Yvette as excellence is at the forefront of everything she does, so I was confident that I would be in safe hands. She explained everything as she guided me through the session and worked with me on the areas that needed the most attention. Yvette led me through 2 breakthroughs and despite how unusual it felt I trusted the process. I have to say that I don’t know what happened, but whatever it was it worked there has definitely been a transformation! I took a while to complete my review as I had to make sure it worked! I have since been in situations where I have reacted totally differently. I highly, highly recommend Yvette if you want a performance coach that can give you the results you need to make life-changing shifts.

Renee Peters-Findlay // Senior Manager

With everything that is happening at the minute. Self-care has never been more important. In order to look after others we must be able to look after ourselves. I had the opportunity to participate in this course and I'm so glad I did. 
Yvette, provides a space to enable you to look at your 'stresses' and provides the opportunity to talk and reflect about how you are feeling. She provides helpful activities that help assess your stresses and how you can combat them with simple manageable techniques. I left feeling lighter and with a plan of how to make effective changes and most importantly to start prioritizing my self-care. Thank you Yvette x

Nadine Edwards // Coach

I worked with Yvette to help set up my new business. The coaching received was indispensable as it provided me with the tools to clearly know where I was going with my business and how to get there in the best possible way specifically for me. Her compassionate coaching also enabled me to overcome my fears and anxiety, and in particular give me the confidence I needed to believe I could succeed.

Elvina Quaison  // Director [SESA]

Yvette was a great coach and definitely helped me move my plans forward and address my blocks.
I finished our programme together feeling much more excited and equipped for my future.
I would happily recommend Yvette to others looking for someone to help them move their life forward, in fact I already have!

Eugene Nizeyimana // Chair [OAN]

Thank you Dr Yvette Ankrah MBE for delivering a fantastic practical and engaging masterclass on "Goal Setting in Changing Times". Real thought provoking and informative.

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