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Dr Yvette Ankrah MBE
Helping high achieving corporate and business women eliminate stress & avoid burnout using my CLARITY method

Dr Yvette Ankrah MBE

Helping high achieving corporate and business women eliminate stress & avoid burnout using my CLARITY method

Are you a female dynamo who has so much to do but is stressed and constantly juggling? 

You want calm, balance, financial freedom, flexibility however:

You’re tired and unmotivated
You’re stressed and overwhelmed
You have no concrete plans in place
Each day feels further away from your dream than closer to it.

I know that feeling!

I'm Dr Yvette Ankrah MBE, a transformational coach, speaker and business consultant. Over the past decade, I've helped dynamic women achieve calm, clarity and financial success by helping them connect to what they really want and create a plan to get it!
I'm passionate about ensuring women have the optimum environment, tools and skills to thrive. I believe that this starts from the inside and working in a way that eliminates overwhelm, stress and burnout.
My belief is that we do not need to live in a constant state of stress, anxiety and overwhelm to be successful. We can pursue our passions and help others in the world.
Putting you at the centre is key and I help by shifting limitations, facilitating changing habits and creating a plan to transform you life.
Book in for a Power Session to find out how we can work together.

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She’s incredible

I was at the lowest point of my adult life and Yvette not only inspired me, but in a practical way nourished me into a place where I could get the chance to THRIVE. Her techniques of calling out your worthiness are 2nd to none. She’s incredible. Thank you so much

Shauna Ogilvie

Yvette transformed my business

Yvette has transformed my business. During the sessions she fined tuned exactly what I want to achieve and directed me with pin point accuracy to the areas of expertise that I truly enjoy and bring me the most reward within my business. She has a range of knowledge unlike any other business coach I have experienced so far. Yvette breaks all aspects down into simple and easy to understand steps that anyone can follow. She has continual intuitive insight which really does enhance her ability to produce the language and processes that suit the individual. She definitely does not work with the 'one size fits all' approach. You receive bespoke solutions to your business issues or challenges. I highly recommend Yvette, she will take you in a direction you may not have perceived you could go. The energy and passion she has for what she does is infectious and will spread into your business too. Call her and find out how she can help you reach the next level.

Wendy Smith Director

Yvette Ankrah is the transformational coach you need

Yvette is a consummate professional and leader in the coaching space. her methodology and authentic character are two prevailing aspects that get you past the line. I have used her services and have therefore benefited from her expertise. I have also recommended her work to others. If you are looking for a coach that does more than ask questions but is brave enough to dig deep to find out what really is going on in your life to bring about real change, then Yvette Ankrah is the transformational coach you need.

Michelle Raymond HR Consultant and Visibility Strategist

Indispensable coaching

I worked with Yvette to help set up my new business. The coaching received was indispensable as it provided me with the tools to clearly know where I was going with my business and how to get there in the best possible way specifically for me. Her compassionate coaching also enabled me to overcome my fears and anxiety, and in particular give me the confidence I needed to believe I could succeed.

Nadine Edwards

‘Completing a business plan’ workshop

It was a pleasure to have Yvette Ankrah deliver a ‘Completing a business plan’ workshop to our young entrepreneurs (aged 18-24). The interactive presentation and materials shared were professional. Yvette kept the entrepreneurs engaged throughout and answered their many questions, giving them a clearer insight on what’s required to start a business. The feedback from attendees was very positive and I’d welcome Yvette back in the future.

A fantastic practical and engaging masterclass

Thank you Dr Yvette Ankrah MBE for delivering a fantastic practical and engaging masterclass on "Goal Setting in Changing Times". Real thought provoking and informative.

Eugene Nizeyimana CEO of SSCG Consulting, CEO and Director at African Business Chamber (AfBC), Chair and Director of One Africa Network (OAN) Organisation 17 Sept 2020

Yvette Ankrah brings sazzy back into business coaching! 

Her blend of coaching alongside business mentoring really gave me a renewed focus on how to work on my short and long term goals but at the same time being kind to myself and ensuring at all times I was 'checking' in to determine that my overall well-being was not being compromised.

I found the day's workshop to be very centred around my personal and business outcomes which was important as I wanted to have set objectives on what to work on next!

It was also interesting to explore facets of myself and learn about my strengths and areas of development and what I could possibly do to address the latter.

I found it an extremely worthwhile session, very good value for money and already looking forward to my next session with the amazing business coach Yvette Ankrah who brings sazzy back into business coaching!

Nana Yorke Director, Bizshakers

Yvette helped me with my mindset

Yvette helped me with my mindset.
This was something completely new and out of my comfort zone but Yvette has a way of making you feel at ease and helping you to understand what is stopping you from achieving the things you aspire to.
If you feel you are stuck in a rut with life in general, business or both, I cannot recommend Yvette highly enough. you will come away with a feeling that a huge weight has been lifted from your mind.

Suzanne Corgan Paws Galore

A Great Coach

Yvette was a great coach and definitely helped me move my plans forward and address my blocks.

I finished our programme together feeling much more excited and equipped for my future.

I would happily recommend Yvette to others looking for someone to help them move their life forward, in fact I already have!

Elvina Quaison SESA

Working with Yvette gives you laser clarity

Working with Yvette gives you laser clarity in who you need to show up as in your life and business. She stops you from running yourself ragged on the hamster wheel on your entrepreneurial journey. She is not the coach to go to if you do not want to be held deeply accountable for the choices you are making or if you want someone who would use the cookie-cutter approach to coaching; her Performance coaching is like nothing I have seen before, and I have worked with different modalities and been coached by various coaches. She is not for you if you still want to hold onto your backstories and limited self, as she will work with you to destroy that limited side of you that you have been holding onto. If you want someone who would see you for all that you bring, plus your hidden depths, she is the coach for you

Lillian Ogbogoh Hypnotherapist, Speaker &Coach

Informative and thought provoking

Gotelee Solicitors LLP host a quarterly networking lunch for women in business, one of the aims of which is to give attendees the opportunity to hear from inspirational speakers on business-related topics. We invited Yvette to be a guest speaker at our last lunch and she certainly didn’t let us down. Yvette provided an informative and thought-provoking talk on the importance of self-care which was very well received, with some attendees reporting back that they have reaped almost immediate benefits from small changes they have made as a consequence of hearing her talk. We would not hesitate to invite Yvette to speak again in the future.

Marie Allen Gotelee Solicitors LLP

Yvette is authentic, organised and very knowledgeable

I worked with Yvette to host an Instagram Live session in April 2020 covering Side hustles, entrepreneurship, and self-care for the Now You're Talking community, a community of female millennials that connects future leaders to opportunities and resources and who are passionate about levelling up together. Yvette is authentic, organised and very knowledgeable about entrepreneurship and our members got a lot from the session with her. Thank you Yvette for your time! I would love to work together again in the future.

Mary Kemi Agbesanwa PwC Fintech Programme Lead | Women in Fintech Powerlist | Founder Now You're Talking Network | Careers Blogger | Board Trustee | On Deck Fintech Fellow

The most life-changing performance coaching session

I have had the most life-changing performance coaching session with Yvette! For a number of years, I had been toying with the idea of working with a life coach to help me with a few shifts. I have read and listened to a ton of books, and attended group sessions in the past, but realised that I had reached a point where I knew I needed 1-2-1 sessions to make the much-needed breakthroughs without distraction or judgments. I chose to work with Yvette as excellence is at the forefront of everything she does, so I was confident that I would be in safe hands. She explained everything as she guided me through the session and worked with me on the areas that needed the most attention. Yvette led me through 2 breakthroughs and despite how unusual it felt I trusted the process. I have to say that I don’t know what happened, but whatever it was it worked there has definitely been a transformation! I took a while to complete my review as I had to make sure it worked! I have since been in situations where I have reacted totally differently. I highly, highly recommend Yvette if you want a performance coach that can give you the results you need to make life-changing shifts."

Sandra Boachie

Self-care workshop

With everything that is happening at the minute. Self-care has never been more important. In order to look after others we must be able to look after ourselves. I had the opportunity to participate in this course and I'm so glad I did. Yvette, provides a space to enable you to look at your 'stresses' and provides the opportunity to talk and reflect about how you are feeling. She provides helpful activities that help assess your stresses and how you can combat them with simple manageable techniques. I left feeling lighter and with a plan of how to make effective changes and most importantly to start prioritizing my self-care. Thank you Yvette x

Renee Peters-Findlay

An engaging presentation

We are delighted to have had Yvette as a speaker for our webinar on Burnout. She is a highly enthusiastic speaker who brings real passion and commitment. It was an engaging presentation and extremely well received by delegates

Jane Nicholson-Biss Stakeholder Engagement Manager, The Institute of Leadership & Management

Working with Yvette was an absolute godsend

Working with Yvette was an absolute godsend. It was good to talk through ideas, challenges and work through a transformational plan with someone who fully listens, understands and gets you. I am eternally grateful for the work Yvette and I did together, and for helping to kick start the dream. I would definitely recommend her!!

Yetunde Pinheiro

Canterbury Christ Church University Faculty of Education

I invited Yvette to come in and guest lecture on the subject of 'working with diversity' for a level 5 module I teach, as part of a wider degree programme in Counselling, Coaching and Mentoring. Yvette delivered an awesome lecture, utilising a range of media, including Power Point, which she also made available for students via our virtual blackboard, video and group exercises. Students were highly engaged in the material that Yvette presented, which successfully combined academic theory, alongside real-life illustrations, making the subject accessible and interesting. Indeed, many students referred to Yvette's session and the materials she shared, as part of their written assessment exercise and also favourably in their evaluation of the module. If the opportunity were to arise, I would not hesitate to offer Yvette future sessions at the University and fully support any potential future commissions, for which she may be considered.

Joanna Oliver, BA MA Associate (Senior) Lecturer

Hugely valuable with practical tips and advic

Dr Ankrah spoke recently at our Women's Business Club on the theme of Back to Basics. The talk delivered was hugely valuable with practical tips and advice, with insights from her personal experience. Participants resonated with the content and left the meeting with key actions to implement realistically. I highly recommend Yvette as a speaker and consultant and am hugely grateful for the time she dedicated to our successful event

Sian Jones Business Development and Project Lead

Yvette instilled confidence and security

Yvette unpacked how she intended to work with me and sought to understand my objectives or my wish list. The first session was the most mind blowing. Using a range of strategies including NLP, Yvette enabled me to remove regret from my narrative. She helped me to think about moving forward and opening up an avenue that helped me to do so.

There were times I was not sure I could complete some of the homework I was given due to the nature of the challenge, but in her calm and measured way, Yvette would help me to face my fears (as it was fear stopping me from moving forward).

Yvette instilled confidence and security. I felt 'held' by her and found Yvette to be someone who, through asking realistic questions, was able to help me see my potential through a new lens. This was a new experience for me. Not only was I able to look at my potential, but I was also able to see potential in different areas of my life - not only work, but in my personal life too. Areas of my life that I thought were dead, appeared to have new life. This meant more to me than the professional aspirations we had been working on.

I am so grateful Yvette agreed to work with me. I am grateful she responded as quickly as she did, as otherwise I would have got cold feet and ended up wishing...

Thank you Yvette for setting me on a new path in so many areas of my life. We finished our sessions weeks ago, but I still feel invigorated and excited to find greener pastures.

Clarity Intensive client

We look forward to working with her and would recommend her services.

FMCE Africa recently held a zoom discussion and Yvette was part of the panelists to discuss Corporate Social Responsibility - people welfare. She added so much value and richness from her wealth of experience to the discussions focusing on "what has worked to minimise the the social impact of employee's physical, mental and emotional health during the lockdown". We look forward to working with her and would recommend her services.

Maria Morapedi AIWFM, EuroFM Botswana Ambassador

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Yvette Ankrah – Transformational Coach