Dr Yvette Ankrah MBE
Helping high achieving women in business eliminate stress & avoid burnout using my CLARITY method

A brief introduction from a recovering overachiever...

My whole career I pushed for success, but it came at a cost – my health.
I needed to have new strategies for success which would not kill me and allow me to realise my dreams. Changing from the inside and using self-care transformed my life.
Using transformational techniques I can help you to create new strategies and embody your dreams,  building your business and life from the inside out. 
In addition to being a coach, I have over 20 years of business development and marketing experience and have worked with everything from micro businesses to FTSE-listed companies across my career.

Canterbury Christ Church University Faculty of Education

I invited Yvette to come in and guest lecture on the subject of 'working with diversity' for a level 5 module I teach, as part of a wider degree programme in Counselling, Coaching and Mentoring. Yvette delivered an awesome lecture, utilising a range of media, including Power Point, which she also made available for students via our virtual blackboard, video and group exercises. Students were highly engaged in the material that Yvette presented, which successfully combined academic theory, alongside real-life illustrations, making the subject accessible and interesting. Indeed, many students referred to Yvette's session and the materials she shared, as part of their written assessment exercise and also favourably in their evaluation of the module. If the opportunity were to arise, I would not hesitate to offer Yvette future sessions at the University and fully support any potential future commissions, for which she may be considered.

Joanna Oliver, BA MA Associate (Senior) Lecturer

Indispensable coaching

I worked with Yvette to help set up my new business. The coaching received was indispensable as it provided me with the tools to clearly know where I was going with my business and how to get there in the best possible way specifically for me. Her compassionate coaching also enabled me to overcome my fears and anxiety, and in particular give me the confidence I needed to believe I could succeed.

Nadine Edwards

‘Completing a business plan’ workshop

It was a pleasure to have Yvette Ankrah deliver a ‘Completing a business plan’ workshop to our young entrepreneurs (aged 18-24). The interactive presentation and materials shared were professional. Yvette kept the entrepreneurs engaged throughout and answered their many questions, giving them a clearer insight on what’s required to start a business. The feedback from attendees was very positive and I’d welcome Yvette back in the future.

Althea Blake Director, ROOTS POD Academy

Yvette transformed my business

Yvette has transformed my business. During the sessions she fined tuned exactly what I want to achieve and directed me with pin point accuracy to the areas of expertise that I truly enjoy and bring me the most reward within my business. She has a range of knowledge unlike any other business coach I have experienced so far. Yvette breaks all aspects down into simple and easy to understand steps that anyone can follow. She has continual intuitive insight which really does enhance her ability to produce the language and processes that suit the individual. She definitely does not work with the 'one size fits all' approach. You receive bespoke solutions to your business issues or challenges. I highly recommend Yvette, she will take you in a direction you may not have perceived you could go. The energy and passion she has for what she does is infectious and will spread into your business too. Call her and find out how she can help you reach the next level.

Wendy Smith Director

Yvette Ankrah – Transformational Coach