From pain to gain with NLP

By Yvette Ankrah | NLP

Aug 14
guest blog

I wrote a guest blog for NLP World - check it out to read the story of how using Neuro Linguistic Programming transformed my life. 

From pain to gain with NLP

If you would like me to be part of your transformation story contact me.

About the Author

I'm Dr Yvette Ankrah MBE, a recovering overachiever who is passionate about helping women who are busy pushing themselves to the brink, to find another way to achieve success without burning out. Helping high achieving woman is my focus. Putting you at the centre is key. I want to help you be sustainably successful but keep your sanity through self-care, know your story and uncover who you really are, breakthrough barriers that hold you back and create a healthy and wealthy business.

Yvette Ankrah – Transformational Coach


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