Review of the year

By Yvette Ankrah | business

Dec 30

Review of the year

The great pause

The pandemic

Covid -19


2020 bought new words into our everyday use and changed how we live our lives in many ways.

My year started with death and grief and I've lost count the amount of times I've given condolences to people this year.

This year showed me how to use what I knew more than the decade before. It showed me:

  • How to work with uncertainty.
  • How to use my strengths.
  • How to face so many challenges.
  • How to deal with loss and grief and trauma,
  • To step into myself and my purpose
  • To speak my truth and take charge of my outcomes.

2020 for me has been a year of so much change and growth - some of it very painful.

But I can truly say I'm grateful to have had the year I've had.

I've made so many amazing connections and developed friendships, which probably would not have happened if it hadn't been for the pandemic.

I've also managed to help so many women with stress and burnout by sharing my story, helped women hit their goals, pivot their businesses and been there to support their transformation and change.

I've given a lot for free and held out my hand to those who needed it.

There have been so many people who have held my hand too and believe me, there have been many days when I needed it.

I am thankful for all the people I've worked with me this year, who have listened to me speak, invited me to share with their audiences, given me support and made me laugh.

Thank you to all that have been part on this incredible journey.

I am walking into 2021 changed, with intention, open and wearing my crown.

How will you walk into the New Year?

PS I've opened the doors to my group programme waiting list!

About the Author

I'm Dr Yvette Ankrah MBE, a recovering overachiever who is passionate about helping women who are busy pushing themselves to the brink, to find another way to achieve success without burning out. Helping high achieving woman is my focus. Putting you at the centre is key. I want to help you be sustainably successful but keep your sanity through self-care, know your story and uncover who you really are, breakthrough barriers that hold you back and create a healthy and wealthy business.

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